UNINCORPORATED Joins Jasper as Certified Solutions Partner

Partner Certification Final

We’re excited to announce that UNINCORPORATED has joined Jasper as a Certified Solutions Partner!

Founded in 2021, Jasper is an AI copilot for marketing teams that want better outcomes in addition to faster outputs. Jasper securely trains on your brand and strategy, accelerates content and campaign production, and helps marketers measure and optimize for performance all as part of an end-to-end copilot. Jasper has been recognized as "one of America's fastest-growing private companies" by Inc. 5000 and was one of the fastest companies to reach 100M+ users. Customers include Sports Illustrated, Anthropologie, SentinelONE, Transcend.io and more.


“Having UNINCORPORATED on board as a Jasper Certified Solutions Partner is a step forward in our mission to revolutionize the way businesses integrate AI technology into their marketing workflows. We look forward to working together to bring more value to our customers and creating new opportunities for growth and success.” - Al Biedrzycki, Director of Jasper’s Solutions Partner Program

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, UNINCORPORATED aims to revolutionize how businesses integrate AI technology into their marketing workflows, ultimately benefiting their clients.

Enhancing Content and Campaign Production

UNINCORPORATED can generate creative and engaging social media posts, blog articles, and other marketing materials in a fraction of the time. This not only streamlines the production process but also allows UNINCORPORATED to deliver high-quality content to their clients more efficiently.

Measuring and Optimizing Performance

Jasper AI equips UNINCORPORATED with powerful analytics capabilities, enabling them to measure and optimize the success of their client's marketing efforts. With real-time insights and detailed reports, UNINCORPORATED can identify trends, track key performance metrics, and make data-backed decisions to continually improve campaign outcomes.

Training on Brand and Strategy

By leveraging Jasper's deep learning capabilities, UNINCORPORATED can educate its clients on effective messaging, target audience segmentation, and campaign optimization techniques. This ensures that every marketing initiative aligns with the client's unique brand identity and goals.

Unlocking New Opportunities for Growth

UNINCORPORATED can unlock innovative marketing strategies, tap into new market segments, and drive business growth for its clients. Whether exploring emerging trends or identifying untapped customer preferences, the partnership with Jasper AI enables UNINCORPORATED to stay at the forefront of marketing innovation.

If you’re interested in learning more about Jasper and how you can use AI to power your marketing efforts, get in touch with us today!


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