Key Performance Indicators of a Digital Marketing Campaign

How To Measure and See Results

Digital marketing campaigns have many moving parts. How do you figure out whether your efforts are effective?



You need a way to measure the performance so that you can calculate your advertising agency ROI. Here's how to access the data necessary to accomplish this goal using these three primary methods to measure key performance indicators (KPI's) and discover whether or not your campaigns are successful:


1. Social Media Reach

Social media websites offer a valuable source of earned traffic, but quantifying its impact is difficult. When examining social media reach, you can see the audience of people who are engaging with your content, how many people click through to your website or landing page and the source of these visitors.
Link-shortening tools, such as Bitly, offer an easy way to track the performance of your social media channels. This user-friendly service uses data visualization to present the information that it gathers so that you can get an overall picture of the activity.


2. User Behavior

Many touch points influence the buyer's journey, guiding people from becoming a new lead to eventually a customer, or a brand advocate (if they are already a customer). Regardless of the stage along the buyer's journey, you can optimize your digital marketing campaigns by looking closely at their behavior throughout this process.
Google Analytics is a comprehensive data collection and analysis service that gives you access to this information. Look at your website visitors' actions with a top-down view to get an idea of overall trends. You can also drill down into the details to see what a group precisely does before they make a purchase.
The demographic information is also invaluable for identifying your ideal customers. Narrow your top rated digital agency campaign scope down to the audiences who purchase the most and remain loyal. Then you can optimize your marketing activities to target these demographics.


3. Lead Generation Rate

The first time a person encounters your brand, they're probably not going to go straight to making a purchase. You need a way to continually introduce them to new touchpoints as they go through the buyer's journey. One sophisticated way to do this is through remarketing and lead generation forms. Let's focus on lead generation for now.
Your lead generation forms on your landing pages and website give you a way to add that prospect to your email list. Whether you talk to them on the phone or send a regularly scheduled newsletter, you have the opportunity to build a relationship.
You can track your lead generation rate through the service that you use for your forms, such as an email marketing tool like MailChimp or a marketing automation platform like HubSpot.
Discover more ways to measure digital marketing success rather than through the bottom-line revenue alone. Use these tools to gain better insights into your buyers and what they go through to become a customer.

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