Details Matter - Your brand communicates at every point

Details Matter to the Brand Experience

I want to talk about brand experience by telling a story.



Several months ago, I was browsing Instagram and saw an ad that claimed, "The Greatest T-Shirt of All Time." Quite a claim. I was skeptical but intrigued by this brand positioning, so I clicked. The ad was from a company I had never heard of before. I browsed briefly and then left, not thinking much of it. Then, I started seeing these ads all over the internet... in my Facebook feed, on GQ's website, in my Instagram Stories (props on the remarketing work!).


Details Matter to the Brand Experience


Now, I don't consider myself a particularly fashionable person, but I do enjoy well-crafted clothing. After moving to LA recently, I stumbled upon one of their retail stores and it is everything I enjoy in retail environments - clean and minimalistic with simple colors. After browsing the store, I realized they were right... the t-shirts were amazing! The material and cut were perfect, and the price was higher than I'm normally used to, but not completely crazy. I made the purchase and got hooked.

But now, after wearing it a few times, I realize the t-shirt has a serious flaw: the tag! (Why shirts still have tags still boggles my mind.) It was scratchy, poorly placed, and annoying.


Details Matter to the Brand ExperienceDespite their great ad strategy, retail store, and initial product impression, I'm now a little bummed every time I put on the t-shirt because of a little tag.

My point is...

How your brand communicates matters at every touch point. It's not simply what you say about yourself online or how your retail store is set up. It's not even about the product as a whole. Every detail matters and contributes to the way a customer experiences your brand. The smallest, “insignificant” detail can trump an otherwise perfect product.


How do customer's experience your brand?



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