Building Your Personal Brand with Annelise Worn

In this episode of the All About Brand Podcast, UNINCORPORATED CEO, Ian Evenstar, interviewed Annelise Worn, a successful CEO, entrepreneur, and marketing strategist who provides actionable branding, marketing, and business growth advice.

Making Customers the Hero of Your Brand Story

Every brand has a story.  And brands shouldn't be like that well-meaning friend who talks at lengths but never has a point.  Brand story strips away the excess, leaving a company’s brand manifesto tangible and relatable. There’s no confusion. Anyone ...

Creating Brand Values to Build Company Culture

Today, we're working on how to create a set of brand values that builds company culture. We'll talk through why brand values are essential and share an activity to help you document your values and continue building a strong brand.

How to Write a Vision Statement that Truly Matters

In this article, we are working on one of the essential pieces of your brand manifesto, your Vision Statement.  

What is a Brand Manifesto? Your views, motives & intentions

Today we're sharing our best thinking and agency process on how to write a brand manifesto.

What is branding? Higher education branding 101

Like people, brands are complex. They take a lot of work to raise; they go through many changes during their lifetime and require special care to reach their greatest potential.

10-Year Challenge: 2009 vs. 2019

Walk down memory lane and celebrate the end of the 2010s with us as we review some surprising, moving, and fun highlights that happened over the last decade.  

Brand to Brand Combat: What’s at Stake When Brands Go to War

Who doesn't love a good rivalry? From the Red Sox vs. the Yankees or Star Wars against Star Trek, it's fun to join in with some good-natured ribbing towards those on the opposing team.  

Sensation Transference: Positive Brand Experience

Have you ever heard the term ‘sensation transference’? Neither had I until I read Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Blink. Though you may not have heard the term, you actually experience this phenomenon every day.    

How Big Brands Win: Taco Bell's Dominance

Americans love Taco Bell. So much so, that according to The Harris Poll EquiTrend Study of 2018, Taco Bell was voted the number one preferred restaurant by consumers.  

Can Starbucks Compete with Third Wave Coffee?

Starbucks brought coffee snobbery to the masses. Those who had never given a second thought to any coffee sipped from a styrofoam cup, could now tell you the many reasons they preferred light or dark roast.

Can Big Brands Compete with Small Batch Consumers?

Altered image from Kristoffer Tripplaar—Alamy (Money)   In the past, proclaiming that you've sold billions of hamburgers was a way to communicate the quality of your product. After all, popularity is equal to quality, right? And for McDonald's, keepi...

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