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Higher Ed Happy Hour with Jules Coleman

Robert Johns (Director of Operations at UNINCORPORATED) talks to Jules Coleman (Chief Academic Officer at MYX) about all things higher ed on LinkedIn Live.

The Secret to Building Brand Equity in Higher Ed

I had the pleasure of speaking with Zach Busekrus, host of the Enrollify Podcast, about the secrets of building brand equity in higher education.  Please enjoy listening to our conversation or reading the key takeaways below.

How to Boost Your Marketing with Brand Photography

Once just a word used by marketers, branding is now used in everyday conversations. An influencer’s photo, your outfit, and even a politician's views are judged as either “on brand” or “off-brand.” Yes, being “on brand” is a thing. And, as Harvard Bu...

How to Write a Mission Statement that ADDS Value

Today, we're going to dig into your brand manifesto, starting first with your mission statement. We'll cover what a mission statement is and why it matters. I'll provide some important examples. And lastly, we'll look at a key activity on how to writ...

What is a Brand Manifesto?

Today we're sharing our best thinking and agency process on how to write a brand manifesto.

What is branding?

Like people, brands are complex. They take a lot of work to raise; they go through many changes during their lifetime and require special care to reach their greatest potential.

Higher Education Branding: How Schools Stand Out

Unlike disposable commodities that consumers spend money on, a college degree is a noble pursuit. Higher education gives students the knowledge and experiences that they will have for their entire lives. A college education is the starting line of a ...

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