Jeff Cardello

Jeff graduated from Arizona State University in the late 90s, with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in English. Shortly after he started writing for one of the first major music publications on the web, Rocket-fuel. This was the starting point for his career as a writer, and he would go further creating content for Amplified Parts, an online music retailer, PetSmart, Brooklyn Bedding, and Webflow among many others. Jeff also contributes to the comedy website the Hard Times, and continues to find other outlets for his creative writing. He brings his background working with corporate clients, writing about design, and studying branding trends as a writer for UNINCORPORATED. Outside of writing he enjoys playing the bass guitar, going on long bike rides, and being terrible at yoga.
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Recent Posts

Proud to be Macro: Revisiting Budweiser's Brand Positioning

On February 1, 2015, Budweiser made the bold proclamation during their Super Bowl ad that they were, "Proud to be macro."

Can Starbucks Compete with Third Wave Coffee?

Starbucks brought coffee snobbery to the masses. Those who had never given a second thought to any coffee sipped from a styrofoam cup, could now tell you the many reasons they preferred light or dark roast.

Can Big Brands Compete with Small Batch Consumers?

Altered image from Kristoffer Tripplaar—Alamy (Money) In the past, proclaiming that you've sold billions of hamburgers was a way to communicate the quality of your product. After all, popularity is equal to quality, right? And for McDonald's, keeping...

10 Signs That You Need to Step Up Your Digital Branding

Your digital branding matters. With brand strategy being a multifaceted effort, it’s easy to forget or not recognize things that could be done to improve it.

Finding Your Brand Voice - You need personality

Your brand's voice needs to have a personality. Think about Geico, Coca-Cola or Apple. These are all very different types of companies but each has its own defined voice. They each speak in a way that sets them apart. Your brand also needs to have it...

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