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Sometimes the unexpected happens. When it does, people and companies are expected to serve the greater good however they can. As a higher education agency, our decision was simple: support faculty, administrators, and university leadership so teachers can keep teaching, and students can keep learning.

In this webinar, you will:

  1. Learn where and how to start teaching online (in a pandemic!)
  2. Examine what we can do and make at a distance
  3. Review best practices on using digital technology


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About the Speakers


Ian-Evenstar2Ian Evenstar

Founder & CEO

Ian has spent nearly 20 years helping Universities launch new programs and grow enrollments by implementing his extensive experience in design, strategy, and marketing.

Curtis-Wang2Curtis Wang

Learning Design Consultant

Curtis has spent nearly 10 years in various educational roles from practice to research to design. At UN, he contributes insights at the intersections of these different lenses.

Robert-Johns2Robert Johns

Account Supervisor

Robert has spent over 10 years working in higher ed in different strategic capacities and now works with clients to create brand experiences that engage and delight students.

About the Webinar

Improvise in the short-term, plan for the long-term.

Over the next several weeks and months, many of us will be working from home as schools close and move classes online. For many programs and faculty members, teaching online will be a new experience.


UNINCORPORATED is busier than ever helping schools transition their classes online, training faculty, designing courses, and providing general consulting services so everyone within the university ecosystem is supported. Want to stay even more connected? Join the Educators Guide to Teaching Online Slack channel!

COVID-19 is affecting the entire world, and because of this, every school is dusting off their academic continuity plans to help #flattenthecurve. During this time, we can focus on building resilient measures into our academic continuity plans while we strive to provide the best learning experience to students.

Clay Shirky, NYU’s Vice Provost for Educational Technologies, said it best, “improvise in the short-term, plan for the long-term.” We’re going to do the best we can today, and while we're at it, we're going to invest in tomorrow.

Schools are going online not to make money, but out of necessity. This transition will not be perfect. This webinar is meant to support faculty and administrators continue to lead effective classrooms and meetings.

Although this transition has spurred ed-tech companies to innovate faster, the goal is not to overhaul the online learning experience, rather streamline operations using familiar tools. When programs stabilize, there will be plenty of opportunities to experiment with new tools to elevate the eLearning experience.



If your program needs support transitioning to an online teaching environment, let's talk.



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