Marisa Demers

With over 15 years of experience writing for diverse audiences and media channels, Marisa has drafted multi-million-dollar gift announcements where buy-in from several stakeholders was needed, covered wildfires for a newspaper on deadline, and translated basic science to a general audience in a way that satisfies both the researcher and the reader.
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Three Features Your University Website Needs

Video with aerial footage! SEO content! Social media integration! In the world of higher ed web design, analytics, and marketing, there is always a new trend to chase. Don’t get us wrong, we love good web design, and have helped our clients integrate...

Website Governance: Best Practices for Universities

A website is one of the most important digital assets a university owns. It engages alumni, keeps the campus community connected and informed, and can increase student enrollment. Yet, when it’s time for a refresh or redesign, sometimes the biggest p...

Three Strategies to Buck the Trend in College Enrollment

College and university leaders recently received more bad news about student enrollment. According to preliminary data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, there are 6.5% fewer undergraduate students today than there were in 2019.

Will California’s Top Colleges Recover from the Pandemic?

Most colleges have begun a new academic year in California, but, for the most part, dorms and classrooms remain empty. Campuses are still quiet. Once hopeful that they could reopen in the fall and offer hybrid instruction, many school leaders have op...

How to Boost Your Marketing with Brand Photography

Once just a word used by marketers, branding is now used in everyday conversations. An influencer’s photo, your outfit, and even a politician's views are judged as either “on brand” or “off-brand.” Yes, being “on brand” is a thing. And, as Harvard Bu...

What is Microlearning? Deep, timing optimized, and quick

Many of us are trying to hack our way to better lives. We know our work should be deep, and our timing should be optimized. Now we’re realizing that our learning should be quick.

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