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The Impact of COVID-19 on Alumni Relations in Higher Education

Alumni are the lifeblood of a university.  When graduates go on to create businesses, make art, or change lives, they increase the reputation of their school.  Not only that, but alumni donations also help advance universities’ strategic plans by fun...

How the Top 101 Colleges Plan to Reopen Campus

There is much speculation about what the fall semester is going to look like after the summer break. Schools around the nation are analyzing simulated models, bringing in 3rd party consultants, and working tirelessly to put together a comprehensive r...

Making Customers the Hero of Your Brand Story

Every brand has a story.  And brands shouldn't be like that well-meaning friend who talks at lengths but never has a point.  Brand story strips away the excess, leaving a company’s brand manifesto tangible and relatable. There’s no confusion. Anyone ...

Best Tools for Agencies (2021)

How does UNINCORPORATED get it all done? Below is a list of all the tools we leverage to deliver great work for our clients and what we personally use to grow our brand.

4 Brands Who Mastered Purpose-Driven Marketing

Technology has made so much of what we do quick and immediate, but the way we navigate the world has become increasingly impersonal. In Deloitte's 2020 Global Marketing Trends, they state that "constant technological change and increasing reliance on...

Creating Brand Values to Build Company Culture

Today, we're working on how to create a set of brand values that builds company culture. We'll talk through why brand values are essential and share an activity to help you document your values and continue building a strong brand.

Z.O.M.B.I.E. University Survival Guide

Sometimes the unexpected happens. When it does, people and companies are expected to serve the greater good however they can. As a higher education agency, our decision was simple: support faculty, administrators, and university leadership so teacher...

How to Boost Your Marketing with Brand Photography

Once just a word used by marketers, branding is now used in everyday conversations. An influencer’s photo, your outfit, and even a politician's views are judged as either “on brand” or “off-brand.” Yes, being “on brand” is a thing. And, as Harvard Bu...

How to Write a Vision Statement that Truly Matters

In this article, we are working on one of the essential pieces of your brand manifesto, your Vision Statement.  

What is Microlearning?

Many of us are trying to hack our way to better lives. We know our work should be deep, and our timing should be optimized. Now we’re realizing that our learning should be quick.

How to Write a Mission Statement that ADDS Value

Today, we're going to dig into your brand manifesto, starting first with your mission statement. We'll cover what a mission statement is and why it matters. I'll provide some important examples. And lastly, we'll look at a key activity on how to writ...

What is a Brand Manifesto?

Today we're sharing our best thinking and agency process on how to write a brand manifesto.

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