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As the founder of UNINCORPORATED, a higher education agency in Los Angeles, Ian serves as the CEO and creative director of the agency, where he implements his extensive experience in business strategy, client direction, design, digital marketing, advertising, and branding. Over the years, Ian won several national and international awards for branding and received recognition for his thought leadership and creative excellence in the fields of design, advertising, and marketing. He earned a BFA from the University of Southern California and returned to USC for his master’s degree in Specialized Arts Journalism.
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Z.O.M.B.I.E. University Survival Guide

Sometimes the unexpected happens. When it does, people and companies are expected to serve the greater good however they can. As a higher education agency, our decision was simple: support faculty, administrators, and university leadership so teacher...

How to Write a Vision Statement that Truly Matters

In this article, we are working on one of the essential pieces of your brand manifesto, your Vision Statement.

What is a Brand Manifesto? Your Views, Motives & Intentions

Today we're sharing our best thinking and agency process on how to write a brand manifesto.

How to Write a Mission Statement that ADDS Value

Today, we're going to dig into your brand manifesto, starting first with your mission statement. We'll cover what a mission statement is and why it matters. I'll provide some important examples. And lastly, we'll look at a key activity on how to writ...

What Is Branding? Higher Education Branding 101

Like people, brands are complex. They take a lot of work to raise; they go through many changes during their lifetime and require special care to reach their greatest potential.

UNINCORPORATED featured on Clutch!

As a branding agency on a mission to raise awareness and grow enrollment for universities, we use our expertise to partner with deans, senior administration, and faculty to launch programs and promote higher education.

Facebook Digital Advertising 101

If you’ve been doing social media marketing or running ad campaigns on Facebook for a while, this is too rudimentary – stop reading. However, if you’re getting into the Facebook advertising game, or consider yourself a novice when it comes to digital...

Key Performance Indicators of a Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing campaigns have many moving parts. How do you figure out whether your efforts are effective?

The rise of virtual reality (infographic)

Virtual reality in its current form, and with its futuristic potential, is seeded commonly in everyone's mind these days.

Bing's list of top 20 most expensive keywords

Lawyer, attorney, structured settlements – what do these all have in common?

Profit Driven Marketing vs. Conventional Marketing?

Written by Krsnadasa Perez We’ve all heard the adage: You have to spend money to make money. But, somewhere deep in our subconscious, we listen to the voice of our grandmother saying, “be smart with your money, make informed purchases and investments...

Rebranding? Don't fail your target audience.

This article was originally written by Everett Lee.

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